ATOMIC READER is a freely downloadable tool for previewing and elementary editing of *.atma files. ATOMIC READER cannot perform calculations; it is used to visualize the properties of *. atma data files, previously saved by the main ATOMIC MATTERS application. ATOMIC READER is available for Windows (both 32 and 64 bit).


  • preview multiple *.atma files simultaneously (note: each *.atma file can contain multiple sets of results).
  • group, select and compare results saved in files.
  • combine, subtract and save sets of results in new *.atma files.
  • add new descriptions and names.
  • view data contained in files and group results into a new *.atma file.
  • full visualization of stored data, including three-dimensional (3D) interactive visualizations of CEF potential and interactive simulation of the spectral absorption curves for definable scattering methods.
  •  modeling CEF in 3D.  Bonus!

Intuitive interface based on the ATOMIC READER bookmark system makes it easy to navigate quickly between sets of results. We distribute ATOMIC READER free of charge under a freeware license to popularize knowledge and open the flow of scientific information.


Download Atomic Matters READER - APPLICATION for editing and visualizing *.atma files.