ATOMIC MATTERS calculates properties of materials and archives them in a *.atma batch file which represents a body of knowledge about the magnetic, electronic and thermodynamic properties of a certain material. *.atma files contain well-developed information in the form of graphs, diagrams, 3D visualizations and texts that can be visualized in the freeware  ATOMIC READER program. *.atma files are also boot files which can be used to conduct scientific research and computer experiments with the ATOMIC MATTERS application.

In section DOWNLOAD RESULT FILES  you can download selected *.atma files which can be viewed and partly edited using the free ATOMIC READER application, intended solely for visualization of results obtained from the *.atma files. In section UPLOAD RESULT FILRS you can also upload your *.atma files. All files are checked for numerical and technical correctness, whereupon they are made available in the Download result files.